Here are some videos I've created under my "R!OT" alias, With explanations behind their intent.

           "Chin Up" is about the passage of time, specifically siblings growing up. We look upon the past; our memories together seem to linger in a surreal state, in slow motion like the video. Yet we remember the time in between those moments and the present, and how everything seems to be changing so quickly, our perception of time constantly speeding up, like the video. Just like our perception of time changes, we too change. And while we will never get those moments back, the way things were, we still have the present. So chin up.

A song about self reflection and self improvement in the face of doubt. The video takes this notion of self reflection and portrays it literally with a portal that reflects the entire performance.

A performance video filled with tons of quirky animated animals, and drone shots. As the end of the video states: this performance is a metaphor for taking the road less traveled, becoming an exceptional person, and trying to beat the sunset.